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Most children will be able to go to the toilet independently most of the time when they start nursery. However, we understand that children develop at their own pace and your child may not be toilet trained. Please do not worry.

Staff will support your child with their toileting needs and we will work together with you to help your child develop their toileting skills. In nursery, we have our own toilets within the room that children will be able to use when needed. We also change nappies within this area.

If your child is wearing nappies, we ask that you provide wipes, nappies and cream (if applicable) to keep at nursery. We will discuss your child's toileting needs with you when they start. If your child is toilet training, we will support with this. Please provide plenty of spare underwear and clothes as accidents will happen.

If you are concerned about your child's progress with toileting, you can seek further advice from your Health Visitor.

Below are some useful links to support with toilet training.