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Through a passion for learning rooted in mutual respect and warm, honest relationships our school community provides a platform for all to succeed and achieve from the moment children join us. 

Our curriculum is driven by the need to prepare our children for lifelong learning and the skills we believe that children need to support them in being successful, thriving young people and future adults.   

At Old Leake, we offer a rich and vibrant curriculum which is ambitious for all learners.  We develop the essential knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for later life.  Our curriculum encompasses not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum but goes beyond the experiences of the classroom to ensure that our children are exposed to the richest and most varied opportunities that we can provide; one which promotes confident, self-motivated pupils who are eager for lifelong learning.  Our aim is to enrich every child's school experience by creating an environment and contexts where they are encouraged to succeed and be the best they can be. The exploration of new skills and experiences help to nurture resilience, curiosity and creativity.   

Working closely with our school values of  

H – Honesty, we are honest in what we say and do to help develop integrity.

E – Empathy, we understand and share in someone’s feelings

A – Ambition, we aspire to achieve our very best in all we do

R – Respect, we respect ourselves, others and the world around us

T – Tenacity, we persevere and show resilience when we face set backs and challenges

We believe that we have the ingredients to allow children to enjoy their learning whilst enabling great building blocks for their future journey.  


Through a clear teaching cycle and continually aiming for excellence, we will then guide our children through specific skills including; speaking, listening, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and team work 






As part of Voyage Education Partnership our academy benefits from the challenge being part of a wider community brings as well as opportunities to share good practice, continually improve and strive for excellence for all of our learners.